HSS Head Support System

HSS Head Support System with
optional Figure 8 shoulder strap


HSS Accessories

Spare Hat     $18

Includes additional hat with double elastic straps for multiple tension adjustments

Figure 8 shoulder strap     $10

Simple elastic strap loop for securing Head Support System when  hat or headband is removed. Easily stows in pocket or purse. Comes in two sizes: Small and  Regular


Head Support System     $95

Ultra lightweight (2.5 ounce) back mounted support featuring TwinStix parallel tubes to provide stiffness and stability. Includes belt attachment, 48 inch adjustable nylon belt with plastic buckles, hook assembly with two hooks for attaching to hat or headband (not included), and one hat with double elastic straps for multiple tension adjustments. (patent pending)


Seated Head Support System

...under development

Please contact us directly for information


Head Support System     $130

Same great features as the HSS-1, plus the ability to fold in half to fit in a handbag, purse, briefcase, etc. for easy transportation or storage when not in use. Folds to the size of a ruler in less than two seconds!